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Capillary clinic of Saguenay

Our hair expert centers place at your disposition all the expertise of our specialists. It is there for the guarantie of a professionnal and efficient service near your home.

Proposed services at this center

Manager of the clinic

Manon Vaillancourt

Location of the clinic

42, rue Price Ouest
Saguenay (Québec), G7J 1G3

Phone: (418) 602-1776

Website: Norgil hair clinic of Saguenay
Email: info@norgilsaguenay.com

Our capillary clinics

Hair loss solution

Hair loss; finally, solutions! In recent years, great strides have been taken in the battle to control hair loss. ...

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"High quality natural products for hair, and nano-vitamins goes in the composition of hair products developed in our laboratory in Canada..."

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