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Capillary clinic of St-Quentin, New Brunswick

Our hair expert centers place at your disposition all the expertise of our specialists. It is there for the guarantie of a professionnal and efficient service near your home.

Proposed services at this center

Manager of the clinic

Clémence Bélanger

Location of the clinic

81, Chemin du Vieux Moulin
Saint-Quentin (New-Brunswick) E8A 2G6

Phone: (506) 235-3602

Website: Norgil hair clinic of St-Quentin
Email: info@norgilstquentin.com

Open hours of the clinic

From monday to saturday: on appointment

Parking lot

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Hair loss solution

Hair loss; finally, solutions! In recent years, great strides have been taken in the battle to control hair loss. ...

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"Hair loss's prevention treatments of Norgil Canada is constantly evolving based on scientific research and new technologies of natural tendencies ..."

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