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Hair loss and baldness prevention

Source of information, products and addresses of our centers for the prevention / treatment / correction of hair loss and baldness for men and women who notes an abnormal hair loss. Norgil is, of course, the greatest mark of capillary centers, more than 100 centers worldwide. It's also new Progressive Integration techniques for hair  Hair-Contact for men. VolumContact for women, who replaced the capillary prostheses as well as specialists in hair loss experienced to serve the most demanding clients. Our products for prevention against hair loss and baldness are using natural ingredients and their composition is made according to the environmental friendliness.

Hair loss consultation

Experts de la santé des cheveux au Canada

Solutions to hair loss by specialists

Specialist in the identification, assessment, prevention and treatments of hair loss and baldness.

Regardless of the stage and / or severity of your situation regarding the loss of your hair,  Norgil Canada always have solutions and measures to offer based on your budget as well as your preferences. You have questions in regard of your hair? Norgil have answers. Discretion, respect and professionalism assured.

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Analysis of your scalp by experts

Your hair specialist will analyse your scalp, and each of your hair in front of you with a micro-camera coupled with the latest software; Hair Analyser. Following this comprehensive and thorough exam of your hair, it will be able to help you achieve the results during the appropriate treatment,<a data-cke-saved-href="\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" href="\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\&quot;http://www.norgilcanada.com/en/services-and-treatments/hair-loss-" solution.html\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"=""> to fight against your hair loss.

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Gammes de produits naturels Norgil

Hairskin Capsules

Hairskin Capsules

Following the evaluation of two clinical studies that took close to five years by Health Canada's reviewers , Health Canada approved the following claim: "Helps reduce hair loss"  

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Aliment de Vie du Cheveu

Aliment de Vie du Cheveu

The Aliment de Vie du Cheveu, is ideal for anaemic hair, in cases of high seborrhoea, and also to strengthen the resistance of the hair.

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Hair clinics in Canada

Carte cliniques capillaire

Norgil = Experience

NORGIL puts all of our hair care expertise at your disposal. We provide you with effective, professional service against alopécia at a clinic near you, in Québec, Ontario and New Brunswick.

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