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For over 25 years, Norgil is recognized for is specialization of uniques and innovative products, including the Nourishing & Stabilizing Concentrate, Cleansing Concentrate, Triple Action Stabilizing Concentrate, Anti-Hair Loss Concentrate, and Norgil help you to get the maximum of their creative expertise.

You lose your hair, you have dandruffs or oily hair? The range of Cosmeceutical Natural Actives is for you!

Preventive care, effective hair products against androgenetic hair loss, postpartum hair loss, dry or oily scalp and more.

You do not lose necessarily your hair, but they are dull, brittle, fragile? The range of Cosmeceutical Natural Actives is for you!

These products, for beautyfull and healthy hair, are designed to give you natural hair more beautiful, healthy, shiny, voluminous and very soft.

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Norgil put at your disposal all the experience of its capillaries experts in Canada. This is your guarantee of an ...

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