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Hair Building Fibers

Hair Building Fibers

Hair Building Fibers

For men’s and women’s who have thinning hair and who want to instantly retrieve a density that will permit to hide the bottom of the head.

The Norgil Hair Building Fibers

Many people have thin hair and, they would like to retrieve, for one evening, a day or more, a higher density without really have to use a complex technique. It is for them that the Hair Building Fibers was developed.

The technical details

The Norgil Hair Building Fibers is actually a micronized powder that coats each hair instantly. The hair seems thicker immediately, resulting in a truly spectacular impression of volume. The use of powdered hair is extremely simple and requires no special skills. Just sprinkle the powder on the hair. The effect is immediate. To fix the powder on a permanent basis, it is then necessary to use a special spray available in your Norgil Clinic. The effect can last several days, in fact, until the next shampoo.

The strengths points


  • No big decision to take, no maintenance session after the initial consultation.
  • Its price
  • Its rapid implementation
  • A recovered volume  in the moment


Question about hair loss?

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