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HAIRSKIN Anti-hair loss serum

HAIRSKIN Anti-hair loss serumAndrogenic hair loss affects women as well as men.

Hair loss and miniaturization process

5-alpha-reductase is an enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This enzyme is responsible for androgenic hair loss in humans by progressively reducing the growth, or anagen, phase of the hair cycle. At puberty, 5-alpha-reductase causes overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous glands. Androgenic hair loss is always accompanied by an excess of sebum. The life of the hair is shortened and baldness becomes irreversible without appropriate treatment.

HAIRSKIN Anti-hair loss serum

Premier anti-hair loss serum combining peptides and recognized natural active ingredients for both male and female androgenic hair loss.
The serum contains no methyls, parabens or chemical preservatives.

An Innovation of Hair Experts

This serum is the product of two years of research and innovation. We wanted to combine the best techniques and the best ingredients to create a product unlike any other. We started with two major international laboratories: Lucas Meyer, patent holder of Capixyl, and Biosecur Lab, which holds the patent on an all-natural preservative certified by Ecocert. Norgil Canada added expertise in natural active ingredients, with stinging nettle extract, saw palmetto extract, pumpkin seed oil, aloe vera extract and biotin.

How to use this anti hair loss product?

HAIRSKIN Anti-hair loss serum must be applied daily, in a dose of 20 drops distributed across the affected areas only.
The 30ml bottle has been developed to last 30 days of daily treatment. The initial treatment must be for at least 6 months, every day.

HAIRSKIN Anti-hair loss serum comes in a 30ml amber glass bottle with a dropper cap.

For all cases of androgenic hair loss, the recommendation is to scale back the treatment after 6 months but not to stop it entirely.
HAIRSKIN Anti-hair loss serum can be applied at night before bed (for those who wash their hair in the morning), or it can be applied after shampooing.

Question about hair loss?

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