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Hairskin Capsules

Hairskin CapsulesFirst capsule with natural actives helping reduce hair loss

Hairskin is the first performant capsule: 88% of efficiency (efficiency's tests laboratory) 

Summary clinical study of Hairskin 1. The fall is highly reduce (significant decrease of hair in the telogen phase). 2. A clear increase of hair growing (anagen) in the frontal area and over the top. This is the first time that the effectiveness of an anti-fall shows such good results on the frontal area, scientifically proven by a double-blind dermatologique study.

Approved by  Health Canada

HAIRSKIN, a capsule with a base of Natural active plants

Regule rather than inhibiting the 5-alphareductase (enzyme responsible for hair loss androgenetic). Mode of action similar to finasteride, but with natural ingredients.

Active on all forms of alopecia; as well for men than women.

Without significant side effect, no effect on libido, allows prolonged use.

Hairskin is available without medical prescription, on the advice of an Expert Norgil hair.

Mode of action of HAIRSKIN: 3 effects

1. Regule the 5-alphareductase rather than inhibit it and, regule the androgens receptors (androgenetic fall).
2. Regulate the immunity and the inflammatory reactions (aerata and diffuse fall).
3. Vasodilator; nutrients intakes (falls related to a deficiency).


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