Having hair with beautiful curls and avoid frizz: these are two stakes that require care and precautions. Norgil hair experts offer you their best advice.

The art of getting beautiful curls

When you want to obtain or preserve hair with beautiful waves or curls, it is necessary to take care of it very well and to respect certain basic rules. In general, curly or frizzy hair tends to be drier; so you must moisturize them with nutritious shampoos and conditioners, and to apply special cares on a regular basis. If the hair is rather dry, we should limit the washing to one or two a week. Ideally, drying should be done outdoors as often as possible. The hairbrush is generally to be proscribed; to disentangle hair, we use its fingers or a comb with large teeth, after having moistened the hair or having applied a moisturizer. Another trick to preserve beautiful curls or waves is to sleep with a braid or with curlpapers. It is also better to apply the nourishing treatments before bedtime, so that they penetrate well during the night.

Avoid frizz

The frizz appears when a hair separates from the rest of the hair in a small loop, giving it an undisciplined aspect. When the weather is very wet, the scales are peeling off and the strands of hair can get up and frizz. In contrast, when the air is very dry, there may be static electricity that creates frizz. This is also the case with intensive brushing, especially on dry hair. When styling appliances with heat are used at high temperatures, the hair can lose its natural moisture and from there, absorb too much external moisture: frizz is likely to appear.

What can we do? The best treatment is to apply a conditioner, starting from the ends of the hair to the scalp, and to give it time to act. It is also recommended to avoid products with alcohol, which dries up the hair. Another good trick to fight frizz is to flatten the cuticle with serum when the hair is wet. It is obviously well to look for shampoos with good natural moisturizing ingredients.

Question about hair loss?

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