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Care of dandruff and itching

Care of dandruff and itching

Treatment of dry dandruff

When your hair is mostly dry, it is important to hydrate properly. In this way, it is possible to avoid the appearance of dry dandruff. Careful use of products with high concentrations of alcohol may increase the drying of the scalp. See how moisturize the hair dry and frizzy. It is important to find and know the source of the appearance of scales because the distinction between pityriasis (dry dandruff) and simply a lack of hydration of the scalp is not easy to do for everyone. Experts will analyze your hair and scalp to provide you with solutions to your real problem.

Treatment of oily dandruff

First, a humidity control scalp must be done using an analysis of your scalp. Depending on the moisture level of your scalp, proper care using techniques at the cutting edge of technology added to quality products can be used to neutralize your greasy dandruff problem. It may include multi-vitamin shampoos or nourishing and balancing concentrates that help remove dead skin cells and sebaceous plugs and plates that increase the risk of occurrence of oily dandruff.

Simple techniques to reduce dandruff

  • Reduce the consumption of foods or beverages that overload the liver as alcohol
  • Controlling the humidity of the scalp
  • Have a healthy and balanced diet

Anti-dandruff treatments

Dandruff can be treated with appropriate care such as shampoos, creams or solutions containing antifungal to treat fungal infections. Fungi are one of the possible causes of dandruff. Creams or solutions containing antiproliferative,  decreasing the abnormal proliferation of cells of the dermis can also help reduce the proliferation of dandruff. For their part, keratolytics help eliminated unnecessary layers or squames of keratin of the scalp.

To know the treatment of dandruff that is best for you, do not hesitate to consult an expert of dandruff and hair.

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