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Damaged and brittle hair

Damaged and brittle hairIf your hair are dry, damaged and brittle, it is usually because you do not treat them well. But do not fall into guilt: learn what's involved, how to remedy to it, and most importantly, how to maintain the good habits you've acquired.

The main causes

Hair damage results mainly from two types of causes: chemical and mechanical. The regular use of products to color or discolor hair, straighten them, or for hair perming, or still unprotected bathing in chlorinated water, these are examples of chemical damage that can be imposed to your hair. These products denature the hair and deteriorate its proteins, including keratin. As for the mechanical aspect, it is most often a too aggressive brushing, or a brushing made with a damaged brush, drying of wet hairs made to fast or an abusive use of high temperature of hair dryer and iron. The main effect of this mechanical damage is to deprive the hair of its moisture and elasticity.

Forked hair

When we look at damaged and brittle hair under the microscope, we notice that the scales of the cuticle are eroded and do not overlap in an orderly way. In addition, scales are missing at the ends of the hair, which exposes the cortex, the substance of the hair; it thus lost its moisture and broke in multiple forks. Forked hair is clearly thirsty!

The solutions

If your hair really has a lot of split ends, it should ideally be cut, at least a few inches after the forks. Afterwards, it will be necessary to hydrate them and establish an honest diagnosis of what has made your hair in this condition. In some case it could be a good idea to leave aside the coloring or straightening for a while, to let them rest.

When the situation will be back to normal, be good for your hair: moisturized them well, handle them gently, with a comb or a brush with well-spaced rounded teeth, use a moderate temperature for washing, drying and other care, feed them regularly with non-aggressive products.

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