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Dandruff and itching hair

Dandruffs in brief

Dandruff is the result of an abnormality in the renewal of the skin of the scalp, so these are the cells of the scalp which have desquamated. Itching that often accompany dandruff is due to the same phenomenon of the scalp. Some types of hair are sometimes more likely to suffer from dandruff and itching than others.

What causes dandruff and itchy hair

The cause of the appearance of dandruff is the formation of a type of eczema caused by a fungus known as Pityriasis often wrongly associated with psoriasis.

Different types of dandruff

Dry dandruff

Dry dandruff

This type of dandruff is the most common in men. The scalp is dry and dehydrated as a result of insufficient production of the sebaceous gland, also called seborrheic hyposecretion. The dry dandruff is the easiest one to detect because it produces dander apparent on the surface of hair on the shoulders and at the friction of the scalp, these dandruff are visible to the naked eye which can often be annoying.

The oily dandruff

Oily Dandruff

The difference between the dry dandruff and oily dandruff is that they are stuck on the scalp and they are forming yellow scales creating a relief not very pleasant to the touch. These dandruffs fall hardly of the scalp and promote the emergence of bacteria because they form scabs. In very rare cases, when the oily dandruff completely cover the scalp, an itching of the scalp can then be found.

Aggravating factors the appearance of dandruff

Habits of humans increasing dandruff

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis.
Acid food diet
Overwork, stress, general fatigue and depression can make hair dull and weak, and increase susceptibility to the scalp and then cause dandruff and itching. Indeed, more the scalp becomes sensitive, man tends to scratch and thus increase the desquamation of hair.
Problems related to improper use of hair products such as shampoos, hair quick rinse, brushing too vigorously or abuse of styling products.
Accessories blocking the breathing of the scalp such as caps or hats too tight
Too intensive hair treatment can cause dandruff, so it is recommended to deal with hair experts.
Drastic temperature changes such as seasonal changes, the contrast between two different climates or temperatures.

Human body and dandruff

Hormonal imbalances, for example the level of estrogen and progesterone in women, can play a role in dandruff and itching. The menstrual cycle is a factor that can exacerbate this hormonal imbalance, dandruff are more likely to occur. For men, this hormone imbalance is mainly due to testosterone.
Infections and diseases causing all kinds of fever can increase the risk of dandruff.
Heredity can also be a cause of dandruff.
Intestinal problems, poor absorption of nutrients due to intolerance, food allergies or other, may also be involved.

Problems associated with dandruff

Problems such as itchy scalp, seborrheic dermatitis and even hair loss androgenetic may also be due to an excess dander (dry or oily dandruff).

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