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Diet and hair loss

Diet and hair lossThe effects of a poor diet is reflected on your overall health but also on your hair scalp. By eating with the appropriated foods, the problem of hair loss or poor condition of your hair scalp could improve. A healthy diet, in addition to local treatment of your hair loss problem, will help you recover shiny and healthy hair.

The foods you eat are probably part of our hair loss problem, but how you eat these foods even have more impact on the health of your hair. Indeed, the life of your hair is often affected by a deficiency or excess of food or important vitamins for the
normal functioning of your hair life cycle and can cause abnormal hair loss. More your diet is rich in sugar and fat and your daily foods is poor in zinc, iron, magnesium, B vitamins and proteins, more the health of your hair will be affected.

Effect of diet on the hair scalp

Alcohol and lack of vitamin for hair

Alcohol has a negative effect on the level of B vitamins present in the human body. Indeed, one of the most serious vitamins B deficiencies is the one concerning B6 vitamins (pyridoxine), which can lead to significant hair loss, while the reduction of vitamin B1 (thiamine) causes disturbances in the central nervous system.

Effects of fatty and sugary foods on hair

Processed or refined foods served in fast food contain a large amount of sugar and harmful fats. These products are also available for consumption in grocery stores. The amount of carbohydrates contained in these products increases the risk of hormonal imbalance which could lead to hair problems and hair loss. The high dose of sugar contained  in these foods can increase the insulin which releases too much androgens hormones. An increase in these hormones can cause seborrheic hypersecretion.

A food classification system measuring the effect of glucose level  in the blood, called glycemic index, helps make the right food choices. Find the list of foods according to the glycemic index.

Acidic or basic foods and hair

The daily diet of modern society is heavily focused on acidic nutrients rather than basic or acidic. When the balance between acidity and alkalinity is broken for acidity, problems may appear on your scalp and make your hair look unhealthy.

A healthy and well balanced diet will help your hair and body life cycle. Learn more about acidic foods and hair problems.

To find out if your diet is the source of your hair loss problems, consult a hair expert that will help you.

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