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Dyeing: effects on the hair

Dyeing: effects on the hairMost women have already had a coloration on their hair or will have one sooner or later ... and men are also following more and more, especially to cover up their gray hair. But is it safe? Here are some answers and recommendations from Norgil's hair experts.

Dyeing: effects on the hair

More and more people are worried about the effects of coloration on their hair and on their health. In addition to the usual discomfort of coloration, such as tingling or dryness of the scalp, we question about the toxicity of the products and the possible allergies or skin reactions that they can cause. The chemical components of the dye will indeed weaken the hair and dry it up.

In addition, some people who are more sensitive may have headaches or nausea when they inhale the coloring products. Pregnant women are besides advised not to get their hair colored. In the same vein, dye should not be applied on damaged hair: they are generally more porous and will therefore absorb more chemicals, which will make them even more dry and dull. Another mistake to avoid is to have a smoothing or a perm at the same time as a coloration: it is a lot of chemical products applied on the hair in one session!

It is therefore generally recommended to not too often color the hair and, after a dyeing, to offer to his hair a special moisturizing treatment. Regular washings should also be accompanied by moisturizing and nourishing care specially designed for colored hair.

Natural alternatives

Chemical coloring products, even though they are less and less harmful as a result of the research carried out, are nonetheless attackers for the hair. Thus, many people are turning to concoctions of vegetal powders. Moreover, vegetal coloration now gives better yields than before: it may well cover gray hair, wicks can be made with these products and it usually lasts as long as chemical dyes. Patience is however necessary during the application: the product takes from 2 to 5 times longer than the chemical dyes to penetrate well the hair.

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