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Electrically Charged Hair

Electrically Charged HairWhat we commonly call electrically charged hair is observable by a redressment of hair that adopt unusual posture. This gives an undesirable look to hair that often become difficult to handle.

What makes your hair electrically charged ?

The electrically charged  hair are caused by the magnetism of surrounding objects that attract hair. As the magnet attracts metal, the electric charge of metal hairbrush can create a strong electromagnetic fields that orientates hair in all direction. Indeed, because they are very light, hair are more strongly attracted by the magnetic force.

Electrostatic hair

The term electric hair is based on the visual appearance of hair but also electrostatic or static electricity from certain materials that make the hair-raising on the scalp. Indeed, electrostatics can be easily created by the friction of two dry objects.

For example, rubbing a balloon on the hair it makes it load electricity and creates an electrostatic force. The area rubbed allows the newly loaded object to remain clinging to objects and even attract the hair in its electromagnetic field.

The hair are more electrically charged in winter and dry weather

During very dry weather like winter, insulating properties of air stop the evacuation into the soil electrical charges created by friction. This dry air can be explained by the fact that the volume of air is reduced when the temperature is cold while it expands when the temperature is hot. In addition, conventional heating such as electric baseboard even further drying the air in a building and thus increase the drying of the scalp. Warning, do not confuse dry scalp and dandruff, because the treatments are different depending on the type of scalp problems. To discover whether the particles of dry skin that cause you problem are dandruffs or not, made a thorough analysis of your hair by a hair expert.

Dry Scalp

  • Hair styling products, shampoos and other hair products with too much detergent can dehydrate the scalp
  •  Improper brushing and manipulation of hair can also cause dry hair
  • The drying, curling, flattening of hair and other uses of heating elements for hair can cause them damage more or less important
  • Poor rinsing techniques of hair can also create particles that dry hair

Learn more about the different techniques to moisturize dry hair.

To determine what is your electrically charged hair problem consult a hair expert today.

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