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Expressions related to hair

not a hair out of place
A person with a very good appearance. Perfectly placed, clean neat.

a hair shirt
Person who choose to not be pleasant, trying not to have pleasure in life.

a hair's breadth (by a hair)
short distance or small quantitee of something

bad hair day
A very bad day. A day where nothing is going well.

curl someone's hair (make someone's hair curl)
To shock someone with sound, sight, to frighten someone

get in somebody's hair 
Be very close to someone in term of distance for a long period, to disturb someone

gray hair(s)
The color hair turns while aging or by any, stress, tiredness or hereditary factors

Hair of the dog
a drink of alchool to cure or minimise the effec of a hangover.

causing excitement or frightening

hang by a hair
Hang by something very thin, something that hold by a very thin object

Let your hair down
Do something out of inhibitions, do not take care of code of conduct or normal social act

pull/tear your hair out
To be affraid or anxious about something, to worry about a specific situation

put hair on someone's chest
energize or make someone strong and healthy by giving him something such as food, drink etc…

split hairs
To worry about things that are not important, to more minutiae, consider very fine details

tear one's hair (out)
To be very angry or anxious and express it with extreme agitation

turn a hair (not)
To show no fear, no emotions no surprise about anything

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