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Give volume to your thin hair

Give volume to your thin hair

Healthy lifestyle

The health of your hair goes hand in hand with your overall health. A good lifestyle habits can only have a positive influence on the vigor of your hair: avoid stress, get enough sleep, in quantity and quality, eat healthy by avoiding drastic diets and by taking supplements when necessary (adolescence, pregnancy, illness, menopause or other), be physically active as often as possible and take fresh air, make sure to get a good personal hygiene at all levels.

Good hair care approaches

It is generally recommended to wash your hair with hot-warm water so that the action of the shampoo is the most effective, which is a good elimination of capillary products residues, dirt and excess of sebum. When rinsing and applying the conditioner-moisturizer, it is better to use cooler water that seals the scales of the cuticle (the outermost layer of the hair) and helps to better preserve the moisturizing agents of the conditioner. When drying hair, the best approach for more volume is to work primarily on the roots, pulling the hair up. You must unstick the roots with your fingers or a comb or even use a round brush.

Use the best products

There is no point in using a lot of products to restore the volume of your hair. In fact, too many styling products might rather make them heavier. Among the products in the Norgil range there is the, Multivitamin Shampoo, which can be used daily, it adds volume to thin hair, nourishing the hair fiber and strengthening its structure. For its part, the Multivitamin Conditioner contains nano vitamins whose molecule is so small that it can penetrate directly into the hair cells to reinvigorate them. Another Norgil product beneficial for the too thin hair is The Aliment de Vie du Cheveu. This nutritional solution strengthens the hair's resistance, improves its vital characteristics and thus, provides more volume to the hair.

Do you dream of hair with a lot of volume while they are thin and always fall flat? Norgil experts can advise you on the best habits to adopt and the best products to use.

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