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Hair in summer

Hair in summerWho does not like summer: the sun, swimming, the freedom to discover his hair and let them float in the wind? But can we say that the summer is good for the hair?

The effects of the sun on the hair

The sun's rays make fragile the keratin, which is the main constituent of the hair (95%). The sun dries up the hair fiber and weakens the hair. The direct effect of the sun on the color is obvious: in regard of the blond hair, the color tends to clear up, which it can be appreciated; but on red hair or on the hair with coppery glints, the color fades, while for people with white hair, a yellowish tinge may appear. It is therefore preferable to always protect our hair, with a hat or a protective hair care product.

The wind and hair

Hairs exposed to the wind are going to dry up and get tangled. The frizz will multiply and unravelling your hair may become a difficult task. There are several solutions; the simplest one is to wear a scarf or hat. But you can also apply a moisturizing anti-frizz treatment and, for long hair, attach them in order to prevent tangling. It is also important to do a good brushing of your hair after a prolonged exposure to the wind to remove dust and other particles that would have slip into it.

Seawater and chlorine: their effects on hair

Dry hair, especially those weakened by a coloring, will become even more brittle and lacklustre after a swimming in the sea or in a chlorinated swimming pool. The effect of sea water and of chlorine on color can also be fearsome: unfortunately, we often see blonde hair that turn yellowish or greenish, or a brown hair that takes an orange tint!

On the other hand, people with oily hair can benefited from exposure to seawater. In these cases, sea salt can provide some regulation of sebum production, and even act against dandruff. In addition, some people seek the handsome effect on texture that seawater gives to the hair.

Consult a Norgil hair expert before the beginning of the beautiful season: he will advise you on the best protections products in consideration of your type of hair.

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