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Hair in winter

Hair in winter

Winter is upon us.

Negative temperatures will soon force us to change our clothing habits; toques, hats and other head protection will be part of our daily lives.

Is the cold an enemy to our hair?

The hair is getting weakens during the winter but it's a normal seasonal phenomenon.

Just as the sun or the wind, the cold is an aggressor to our hair. The hair will lose their elasticity, their flexibility and become sensitive to static electricity. More ambient humidity is low, more the static electricity will remain on the surface of the hair.

Should priority be given special care in winter?

Avoid the brushing at high temperature, this will increase static electricity and further dehydrate the hair fiber.

Use shampoos and conditioners with natural actives, protein or multivitamin.

Finish your treatment with a spray without silicone, the Smoothing Care, in order to humidify your hair fiber and reduce the effects of static electricity.

Hats, toques and caps.

It is important to cover the head during extreme cold. This way, the hair will be warm and well protected from wind and snow. And no question of going outside with a wet head.

Hair, like the body in general, should be prepared for winters Quebecers.

A cure of three months' of the Aliment de Vie in October or November, will allow you to arrive to spring with a flowing hair healthy.

Very nice winter, with healthy hair, to all !

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