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Hair loss and Chemotherapy

Hair loss and Chemotherapy

Hair loss during chemotherapy

Chemotherapy leads to many mental and physical health problems. One of the main side effects which makes the fight against cancer even more difficult to overcome is the hair loss. You will find below some tips that will help you control your hair loss problem and thus live better your chemotherapy or post-chemotherapy. In addition, chemotherapy does not always cause hair loss. Only certain types of chemotherapy that contain drugs that kills the cells of the scalp cause hair loss. To be better informed of the risk of hair loss during your chemotherapy, it is preferable to talk to your doctor.

The reasons for hair loss

In general, hair loss is due to the elimination of cells that nourish or help the hair growth  inside the hair follicle. In most cases, it begins to fall between 2 and 3 weeks after the start of chemotherapy.

Your hair after chemotherapy

Most women seek to cover their head with a wig or other objects to hide their loss. Although it is quite normal to want to cover the problem, you have to keep in mind that after the chemotherapy you will want to find out  the total volume. In fact, all your hair will grow back as soon as all cells stimulating hair growth will be rebuilt. It is therefore strongly recommended to obtain a complete diagnosis of your follicules condition,  so that you are given proper care in order to recover the entire volume that you had before treatment.

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