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Hair loss and hairbrush

Hair loss and hairbrush

The benefits of hairbrush

Scalp massage

A regular massage of the scalp with hands or hairbrush activates blood circulation which reduces the risk of hair loss.

Dead hair

A regular brushing helps to remove dead hair and all these that ar at the end of the Telogen phase. Remove dead hair facilitates the assimilation of nutrients by the skin from shampoos or cream.

Does brushing damage your hair ?

Brittle hair

If the hair is already fragile and were not treated by an expert or if their roots are not healthy, they may fall out prematurely and cause abnormal hair loss. Indeed, when their roots are too short or poorly attached to the scalp they can be easily torn out by the brush. To find out if your scalp is healthy, it is best to consult an hair expert.

Brushing technique

Attention, we should not brush a particular area of our scalp with excess because this manipulation could increase the number of broken hair. A regular brushing of healthy hair will not cause problems, but many brushing in a single day could increase the risk of brittle hair.

Type of hairbrush

The brush you use on a regular basis can be a factor of your hair loss. Indeed, a cheap brush in iron or metal tends to make your hair electrically-charged and can easily pull out your healthy hair.

Does brushing cause hair loss ?

In the long term, hair loss can not be caused only by your hairbrush or your brushing technique.

Some hairdressers can answer your questions about your brushing techniques and the best hairbrush to use depending of your hair type.

However, to significantly improve the health of your hair, it would be best to talk to a expert that will guide you through a personalized care to prevent hair loss.

Question about hair loss?

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