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Hair products and hair loss

Hair products and hair loss

Bad hair products

It is very important to choose a product for hair depending on the type of hair you have. Hair products such as styling wax, spray, lacquer, gel or other can dry your hair and have an impact on the health of your hair.

Silicone Products

Hairstyling products containing silicone are considered offering good flexibility to hair. Unfortunately, this type of styling product often goes against the desired effect and may even weaken your hair. Indeed, the majority of silicone products leave on the scalp very sticky residues that are difficult to remove with all shampoos. In addition to creating disadvantages in terms of rinsing, the hair become more dry because no nutrient or essential oil is given to the hair with the silicone.

Use of hair products

Other hair products when used as it should be, rarely cause hair loss problems. It is important to take off any accumulations of residues of hairstyling products on the scalp as they could block the pores of the hair follicles and thus reduce the intake of important nutrients.

To be sure to use the right product for your hair, get advice from a hair clinic of experts.

Question about hair loss?

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