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Hat, cap and hair loss

Hat, cap and hair loss

Damage of a hat on hair scalp

It is wrong to believe that a hat or cap can cause alone an hair loss. Indeed, the structure of the cap itself can cause some broken hair but no more. However, when a cap is too tight, it puts pressure on the scalp, which may reduce the supply of blood to the follicles. This type of tension can cause a minor hair loss.

In addition, when wearing a hat or cap, the hair naturally dead, that would normally fall to the ground, remain inside the hat or cap, which may suggest a greater hair loss.

The false myth of the caps or hats

The relationship between hair loss and wearing a hat or cap is often misinterpreted. The association is easy because men often try to hide their begening of baldness 
rather than treat it. Therefore, they often use a hat or cap to hide it and continue to lose their hair over the years.

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