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Pregnancy, motherhood, hair loss

Pregnancy, motherhood, hair lossHormonal changes during pregnancy can affect the scalp of some women. However, not all pregnant women are affected by this problem. Often, it is even possible to see an improvement in the health of hair during pregnancy.

The causes of hair loss during pregnancy

Many pregnant women notice throughout their pregnancy, a change in the appearance and quantity of hair fall. For the majority of pregnant women, there is an increase in the quantity and volume of hair. For some women, there is a decrease in brightness of the hair. hair. Their beautiful healthy hair gets oily and dull. The hormonal changes, specifically the level of estrogen plays an important role in the transformation of hair.


After delivery, there is a sudden drop in the estrogen suggesting a loss of brightness and volume of hair. Indeed, all the hair that would normally fall during pregnancy remained on the scalp, thus suggesting a greater hair loss after childbirth.


This period of major change in your body and hair  after childbirth lasts about 2 months. Indeed, the post-partum period normally lasts from birth to your first period after pregnancy. So do not be alarmed because this hair loss is only temporary. This phenomenon is reproduced during menopause because the estrogen level decreases with age, which leads to greater hair loss.

If your hair loss continues after your postpartum period, do not hesitate to consult a clinic of hair  expert or to request a virtual consultation of your hair

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