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Scalp pruritus

What is scalp pruritus ?

It is an itching of the scalp accompanied of lesions on the surface of the epidermis. These skin lesions are caused by an excessive scratching of the scalp which developed pruritus of the scalp. There are various types of pruritus of the scalp, they can be identified based of the level of the force scratching exerted on the scalp or other trauma to the upper layer of the skin. Pruritus may be observable or not, making this symptom pathological or physiological.

Itchy scalp causes

Other causes of pruritus are the improper use of hair products or some side effects of poor quality hair products. It may also result from unadapted treatment or hair care undertaken following bad advice. Psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff can also cause itching. The stress, fatigue, lack of vitamins, excess carbohydrates, important hormonal changes during adolescence and many other factors can also increase the risk of pruritus.

Tips against scalp itching (pruritus)


• excess use of products for scalp and use of not recommended products
• excessively scratching the scalp
• use of hot water to wash hair
• eating foods with too high concentration of carbohydrates (see glycemic index food chart)

Pruritus may affect all the body and is called itchy skin. If you need help for this type of Pruritus, do not hesitate to consult your doctor or dermatologist.

To find the right treatment against pruritus of the scalp, consult a hair expert.

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