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Seasonal hair loss

Seasonal hair lossWith summer coming to its end, our hair starts falling just like tree leaves do in the Fall. This loss called seasonal hair loss lasts for in between 4 to 6 weeks. However short this period may be, it is sufficient to affect our mood and to get us to research remedies to cope with the situation.

Depending on the individual, the seasonal hair loss may be subtle and almost invisible, for others it may be intense and massive during that period.

Summer’s heat and sun exposure stimulates the activity of hormones responsible for hair growth. This reaction is comparable to the one observed in vegetation. A heightened hair growth during the heat peaks is followed by a heavier loss when the season changes for the hairs that reached the end of their anagen cycle.

Must one be alarmed?

The initial state of your hair and of your scalp will be determining factors. If your hair capital is already somewhat sparsed, if the texture of your hair was thinned, it is preferable to proceed to a complete exam executed by a confirmed hair expert.

A proper exam would consist in analysing the hair roots, followed by assessing the density (calculating the number of hairs in a cm2) and an analysis of the scalp to to evaluate the sebum secretion’s regulation (it being either too oily or too dry).

This exam lasts for about 45 minutes up to an hour and is executed in front of you with the help of a computer program, the Hair-live. Pictures enlarged up to 200 times allow us to pinpoint the smallest details and to suggest a treatment adapted to this type of seasonal hair loss.

Which products to use?

There is a vast number of traditional recipies offered on different blogs or forums. For health’s concern, it is optimal to use products which have been recognized as effective.

The best advice, after a complete analysis, would be to purify the field in which the hair grows, just like it would be done during a facial, by applying a peeling mask to exfoliate all the impurities that accumulated on the scalp. Then all the vitamins may be fed to enable new growths.

L’aliment de vie du cheveu Norgil is considered like the right booster, ideal for seasonal hair losses. It is 100% natural and has obtained a NPN*80024143 (natural product number) by Health Canada. It may be used in successive cures. It is a key element to keep a beautiful healthy hair shaft.

Question about hair loss?

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