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Shampoos and conditioners

Shampoos and conditionersIt is important to take into consideration the type of your scalp when choosing  a shampoo or conditioner, the good products will give a positive effect to your hair.

Shampoos that lather

More shampoo is stronger, more it foam, which can turn into an increased risk of brittle hair. A foaming shampoo does not necessarily washing deeper than mild shampoo. Instead, the foam produced by the friction of the shampoo is considered agressante for hair.

Good shampoos depending hair type

What is considered a good shampoo is not necessarily suited to your hair type. Indeed, depending on whether your hair is greasy, dry, curly or frizzy, the shampoo to use is not the same at all.

For dry hair

Shampoos that offer natural essential oils and can help moisturize your scalp while making it healthier. We must be very careful with aggressive shampoos which could accentuate your dry hair problem by increasing inflammation, exacerbating poor health of your scalp. A mild shampoos of good quality can help you moisturize your hair, alternating with a nourishing shampoo applied with warm water.

For oily hair

A decrease of fat level on the surface of the scalp must be provided by the shampoo to get healthy and balanced hair. Indeed, shampoos containing natural balancing ingredients for your scalp can promote its neutrality while increasing the volume of your hair.

For dull hair / bleached

Your scalp needs protein to increase the strength, flexibility and strengthen the hair. The keratin, constituting about 95% of the hair, is composed primarily of protein. Protein deficiency could be the basis of your dull hair problem. Shampoos increasing protein intake to the scalp can be the solution to your hair problem.

The frequency of use of shampoos also plays a major role in the health of your scalp. Use your shampoos a few times a week and rinsing thoroughly.

Make an analysis of your hair by a hair expert to find the right shampoo to use!

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