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Washing hair without hair loss

Washing hair without hair loss

Washing hair techniques

Abusive washing hair

An excess use of shampoos and conditioners can increase the risk of weakening your hair. Indeed, an abusive use of acidic or alkaline shampoos (neutral pH  near 7), may give a sparse and lifeless look to your hair.

However, it is wrong to believe that the shampoo alone causes your hair loss problem. Poor techniques or products used repeatedly over a short period may cause hair loss problems.

Rinsing the hair

A prolonged and deep rinse is recommended to reduce the risk of accumulation of impurities which can dry the scalp. The lack of rinsing may even cause dandruff and itching.

Rinse Time

It is strongly recommended to rinse your hair  during 1 to 2 minutes depending of the type of hair you have. In addition, an effective and well done rinsing will avoid repeated washing hair and can help reduce itchy scalp.

The temperature of rinsing water

In general, it is best to use warm water, not too hot for rinsing hair. Water that is too hot can actually irritate the scalp, even burn, which could weaken the hair follicles.

To see if your washing techniques and shampoos / conditioners can worsen your hair loss problem, consult an expert hair.

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