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The Bio-stimulation by phototherapy

The capillary bio-stimulation by phototherapy is a complement of treatment and the most interesting in the treatment of the hair loss. The session is performed after or alternating between two deep scalp treatments by the Norgil hair expert. This method is completely painless because it is non-invasive and secured. Low-intensity light-emitting diodes work at the cellular level without releasing heat, avoiding any damage to the skin or hair follicles.

The three essential colors for a quality hair care are:

• Red (hair loss),
• Blue (acne skin, anti-inflammatory effect on the sebaceous glands and an antimicrobial effect on saprophytic germs that colonize the skin.)
• Green (sensitive skin)

 Like all of your skin, your scalp is breathing. A scalp in poor condition suffocates. He can no longer fulfill its role as feeder ground and the hair and, eventually, perish.

In cases of severe falls, a real comprehensive care protocol is essential because it must address the problem at all levels; internally and externally. The deep care will allow fighting the real causes of your hair loss.

They will help you restore balance and relieve your scalp to maximize results while giving you more comfort and enjoyment.

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