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Traitement Capillaire You are worried about your hair and you would like to do something but you want to be sure that the option you use to treat the problem is the correct one for your problem. You have probably already tried different treatments but the results have been disappointing. This is the sign that your hair loss is getting worse and you need to consult a real specialist to get to the root of the problem and to stop working in the dark.

Why choose Norgil? We could tell you that our position as a leader in this market allows us to place the most innovative and advanced assessment materials and treatments at your disposal, but we prefer to speak to you about our capacity to listen. When you come to see us, be prepared for at least an hour's worth of discussion about your hair. We will listen to you, make a detailed examination of your hair and scalp, and discuss together a solution that will suit you. This is our guarantee of your complete satisfaction...

In the case of major hair loss, you must act very quickly since you risk losing your limited number of lifetime hair cycles in a very short period of time.

Your degree of motivation, an essential part of a successful treatment, will then seem clear and you will be able for the first time to gauge the importance that you bring to your hair...

If you feel that this step may help you to see your situation more clearly, do not hesitate to ask your Hair Expert during your initial visit.

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Norgil put at your disposal all the experience of its capillaries experts in Canada. This is your guarantee of an ...

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