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Hair-contact for men

Progressive integration of hair for menThe "Cheveux de Contact"... the greatest innovation of the 21st. Century... and some specialists consider it to be THE GREATEST INNOVATION TECHNIQUE OF THE 3th CENTURY!

This technique is targeted mainly to men who have already experienced a large loss of hair, and who wish to have a light to medium thickness of hair. In fact, du to its totaly invisible base and its system of revolutionary adhesion, it allows for an implant much thicker than a traditional hair replacement which shows the scalp between the new hairs of the client. They seem to appear one by one out of the scalp. As for the hairline, it is so natural in appearance that hair styles behind it are possible.

The "Cheveux de Contact" is to the scalp as contact lenses are to sight!

The "Cheveux de Contact" are 100% natural human hair. They are thus appealing to the touch and they blend more closely with your own hair.

Great interest is generated by this type of implant, since a new base of incredible transparency and subtlety is created. The consequences of such a revolution are multiple:

It is impossible to feel the base on which the "Cheveux de Contact" is implanted. Don't worry that anyone will discover your secret! Re-discover the pleasure of having someone pass their hands through your hair!

With traditional implants, some hair styles are almost impossible since they aim to hide the hairline. Nothing like this with the "Cheveux de Contact". Choose the style that you like, even swept back.

Finally, there is no need for a dense head of hair to hide the base. Even very thin hair density is possible, and you can re-discover hair that is adapted to your age and your taste. Even at close scrutiny, the "Cheveux de Contact" seem to appear one by one from your scalp, that you see quite clearly under your new hair.


When integrating your new hair, the Norgil's hair expert is committed to showing at all men's the inside of the integration.

You will see the personalized code that is embedded on this base, and which is guarantees you that this hair comes from our manufacturing units.

The specific products used to maintain a man's hair are also presented in receptacle wearing the Norgil logo.

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