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Natural cycles of hair

Natural hair growth cycle
Just like all cells in our body, hair is a living thing and follows a cycle of natural growth: the hair cycle. This cycle is divided into three phases: anagen, catagen and telogen. 

The anagen phase involves the growth of our hair. This is the longest part of the cycle since it lasts from 2 to 5 years.The large majority of the current hair on our head is therefore in anagen phase.

The catagen phase is the period of rest during which hair stops growing. It last about 3 weeks, which is considerably small compared to the previous phase.

The telogen phase, finally, will begin approximately 3 months after the death and expulsion of a hair - this will make way for a new hair follicle in anagen phase. These hairs in telogen phase are the ones we find every day on our hair brush or at the bottom of the sink. As long as their quantity is limited (approximately 50 to 100 per day), there is no reason to worry.

The number of hair growth cycles is limited: our hair will experience about 25 to 30 cycles like this during our lifetime. Since these cycles last for several years (from 2 to 5 years, as we have come to know), we theoretically have enough cycles to keep a healty head of hair until our death. Unfortunately, for various reasons - and in the case of male hair loss, predominantly genetic - the duration of these cycles can diminish considerably and thus cause the complete cessation of any further hair growth in only a few years. The hair then begins to become thinner, and baldness sets in. 

Androgenic alopecia: hair loss in men Androgenic alopecia is far from the most widespread reason for hair loss in men: it touches less than 20% of men over 20 years of age and this loss increases 10% per decade. So, 50% of men over the age of 50 experience androgenic hair loss in one degree or another!

This is called "androgenic" since it is caused by a hereditary predisposition. So, most subjects that experience this hair loss have a father or grandfather that have experienced this problem - although this is not to say that every man who suffers this problem will give birth to a chlid that is predisposed to hair loss.

The cause of this abnormal hair loss is know: it is linked to the hyperactivity of an enzyme called 5 alpha reductase.

Naturels du CheveuIt exists in 2 states in male hormones: testosterone and DiHydro Testosterone (DHT). It's in the 5 alpha reductase that testosterone is transformed in DHT. These two hormonal states are carried through the blood and attach themselves to an HSBG hormone before migrating towards targeted organs of the body (hair follicules, prostate, brain...). Hormonal receptors, present in certain organs, will react differently with testosterone and with DHT, to which they are submissive, and will modify essential data such as the duration of hair cycles or the secretion of sebaceous glands.

Given the above, the elevation of 5 alpha reductase will result: in a shortening of the anagen phase (growth phase) of hair and of the diminution of hair in the growth phase. As we have seen above, the number of hair growth cycles is limited: between 25 and 30 cycles in our lifetime. The duration of each cycle will diminish considerably and several cycle-years will pass in several months. Hair cycles, that should have lasted a lifetime, will be spent much more rapidly, and this will at first result in a lightening of the hair, and then in progressive total hair loss on large portions of the scalp.

Depending on the individual, hormonal receptors of hair follicles situated on certain parts of the scalp will not be sensitive to this hyperactivity of the 5 alpha reductase: this is the case, for example, for hair located in the nape of the neck, and over time, this explains why even the thickest head of hair almost always keeps a crown/halo of hair. It is interesting to note that it is the hair follicles themselves and not the zones in which they grow that keep their healthy life. This also explains why it is these hairs that are chosen to be removed and reimplanted in bald areas during hair implant sessions. Wherever these hairs are implanted, they will continue to experience normal life cycles.

Once the hair follicle lifetime is spent, there is nothing more to do and, therefore, no miracle product can ever cause hair to grow on a bald scalp If you are lucky enough to not have totally lost your healthy hair follicles and you notice the beginning of abnormal hair loss, it is essential to react very quickly with oral treatments (gel caps or tables such as Alpharegul), that will regulate 5 alpha reductase and will reduce the consequences of its hyperactivity. In certain cases, we can also act on the 5 alpha reductase whit alpha-regulating lotion.

However, if your baldness has already attained a very advanced state, be assured that techniques such as progressive integration of hair, or Contact Hair or Complementary Capillary can allow you to restore your hair. As for transplants, these may only be suitable for certain individuals. Only a doctor or a certified medical practitioner may use this surgical technique, but our specialists can guide you through this process.

Diffuse (videspread) baldness

 Although diffuse baldness mainly affects women, it is sometimes experienced by men of all ages. It is characterised by fine, thin hair on the whole scalp, instead of being localized in certain areas (hairline or one bald patch), as is the case with androgenic alopecia.

This is not a hereditary problem and can occur at any time of life since,it is most often due to external factors such as stress, overwork, certain medications, pollution, etc. It seems established, on the other hand, that free radicals maintain inflammation of tissues and cause aging of the hair follicle cels. This inflammatory reaction is recognized as one of the causes contributing to the shortening of our hair's lifespan.

We must examine the possible causes of hair loss in order to try to remedy it in a simple manner: changing our diet, getting more rest, changing our environment.

As well, there are oral medications (gelcaps or tablets such as Alpharegul) that can produce excellent results by regulating the immune system and inflammatory reactions that are responsible for abnormal hair loss. It is also essential to give thinning hair a boost to restore its strength and vitality. An external application of aligo-elements will sometimes stimulate the activity of hair follicles.

If widespread baldness is caused by a medical treatment of some kind (such as chemotherapy), it is very possible that this will be a temporary situation and will cease several weeks after the treatment is finished . On the other hand, if the baldness persists or if you wish to obtain immediate results, you are advised to try a hair restoration product. The most appropriate product remains Volum'Contact which restores the body and volume that you wish, without wigs or hair transplant.

Nutrient Deficiency hair loss

 It is scientifically proven that a lack of nutrients can cause abnormal hair loss. The hair becomes weakened and the length of the hair cycle is shortened.

External treatments allow the scalp to clear out blocked cells, the sebum, etc. Following these treatments, nutrients needed for the life of the hair provide stimulation of the hair follicle and micro-ciruciation of the scalp and pores. In the meantime, an internal treatment with vasodilating action will bring essential nutrients to the hair follicle by increasing the flow of blood to the area.

Aerata hair loss (alopecia)

Aerata hair loss, commonly referred to as "alopecia", is characterized by round bald patches in different places on the scalp. It occurs in both men and women and can appear quite unsightly.

This type of alopecia is the consequence of an immune system reaction that leads to an inflammation of the hair root. In fact, the immune system acts as if the hair were foreign tissue that must be eliminated from the body. It is vital to consult a doctor to understand the origin of this problem.

The hair loss is generally temporary. However, neither the location of the hair loss nor the amount of time for re-growth can be predicted. As in all cases of hair deficiency that we have seen, it is essential to regulate the cause of the problem in order to bring a positive solution in the short - and medium - term. By regulating the immune system and inflammatory reactions, the Alpharegul solution seems once again to be the most successful to stimulate hair growth.

Generaly, this balding begins by progressive thinning over the entire scalp. The hair becomes thinner and limp, and then the scalp becomes visible. It is almost impossible to brush the hair and, at the first sign of wind, it's a catastrophe.

Women with this problem have the impression that they are losing a part of their femininity: this is alopecia that is setting in.

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