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Progressive integration

Progressive hair integration is the most recent innovation as a result of research by the world's best specialists. It is practised in Canada and Europe by Norgil's hair experts. Millions of men who have lost their hair have longed for this solution which gives them the hope to restore their hair with simple daily routines.

Totally invisible, it allows you to restore your hair gradually, without shocking the people around you, being able to change your hair style at will, but especially, to never see yourself again without hair! Restoring your hair day by day, having the pleasure of going once a month to your hair stylist and ask him/her to cut your hair the way you wish: form the front to the back, with volume that you want, to be able to choose different hair styles, to re-discover the look that you have chosen and not that which was imposed on you by your hair deficiency.

In a word, to live like everyone else...

The Technique in Detail

After your first visit, you will meet each month with your Norgil hair expert, just as any man who cares about his appearance goes to his hair stylist, but in this case it is a specialized hair stylist. You will have an elegant private room to respect your wish for privacy. You will at first be directed to the washing area where your hair that you integrated the previous month will be discreetly removed, without you even being aware of it. Your scalp will be given a cleansing protocol and a very complete treatment: you will enjoy this time to unwind and to experience the relaxing care of a well-trained professional.

Now you are ready for new Progressive Hair Integration that will stay on your scalp until your next visit to Norgil.

Progressive Hair Integration involves two vanguard technologies:

1. First, a very thin "second skin" into which will be injected 100% natural human hair, the same colour as yours of course! What is new in this process, other than the extraordinary thinness of this "second skin", is the technique of knot-less injection. This results in a totally smooth scalp which is therefore not noticeable to the touch nor the eye.

2. The second innovation of the Progressive Hair Integration technique occurs at the moment of fixation. The treatment protocol in step #1 allows for the fusion of the "second skin" with your scalp, which makes your new hair totally interlinked with your scalp. The end result is homogeneous, extremely secure. Yes, this fusion protocol is completely painless and safe, but it is also totally effective.

Then it's time for the hair cut, just as one does with a traditional hair stylist. The miror, which is hidden during the fusion phase so that you will not see yourself without hair, will be returned to its normal function. You will have the pleasure of seeing yourself with long hair and you will calmly discuss the new hair style that you want with your Norgil specialist.

It's finished! The result is amazingly natural: you are perfect, as usual!

The advantages of progressive hair integration:

- It's as if nothing had happened! Your new hair has been injected directly into a "second skin" that is now fused with your own. Progessive Hair Integration is the most invisible and undetectable technique ever conceived.

- The possibility to regain your hair gradually, without shocking your peers. If you fear a sudden change to your face, ask your Norgil hair expert to integrate just a little hair during your first visit and then to add a little each month, until you have obtained the volume that you have always dreamed about. With Progressive Hair Integration, it is finally possible.

- Impeccable-looking hair at all times. During each of your monthly visits, your Norgil specialist will attach a new Progressive Hair Integration that can be styled into the length and style that you wish.

- Change your hair style and your appearance... like everyone else. Since your new hair style is changed each month, you will finally be able to change your "look" regularly, without limit, just like any other man. Very short hair or longer cuts, styles in the front or back, with Progressive Hair Integration, you will now have the problem of choice...

What joy to be yourself again!

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