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Volum-Contact for women

For alopecia in women, we most often see scattered hair loss. Even here, there are solutions to re-discover hair volume.. and a smile!

The Volum'Contact is the ideal technique for women that refuse to live with thin, diffuse hair.

In an instant, without transplants nor wigs, the Volum'Contact allows you to restore the volume that you desire, and once again to show of a youthful, dynamic hair style.

The Volum'Contact is in fact a very fine thread that is added to a fine grid on which natural hair is implanted. What Norgil Hair Specialists call "natural hair" is in fact real human hair that has been specially treated to be durable and yet to have an unequalled feel.

The advantages of the Volum'Contact

Its comfort and lightness: The Volum'Contact is not a wig. The grid/netting on which the hair is implanted is very fine; the scalp can breathe perfectly. Such a porous material is obviously a guarantee of its lightness: a Volum'Contact weighs only a few grams! Thus, the client forgets it's there immediately.

Its invisibility: If people can see a hair correction, it's usually because of the coarse appearance of the hairline and it is not very secure; clips, hair combs or pins are often required. With the Volum'Contact, there are no attachments of this kind. The border around the hairline is perfectly natural, since your own hair is always visible. You can see the hairs coming out of the scalp and the implantation on the forehead thus appears 100% natural. As for your hair style, it is not static since your new hair is blended into your own. The wind makes it appear alive and no one would suspect your little secret! As for security, there is no risk. You may take part in all physical activities and live 24 hours a day in full assurance, without fearing stares from people!

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