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Wigs for Men and Women

During a treatment of chemotherapy, one of the most visible side effects is temporary loss of hair. Even if it is temporary, it can be traumatic. This consequence may be outweighed by a wig, we prefer to call "Temporary Hair." It is very important to keep in mind that this hair loss is only temporary and completely reversible. Once processing is complete, your hair will grow back normally.

Additional psychological suffering that such treatment can cause are obvious. Everyone is attached to his physical appearance and particulary to her hair.

The mastering "visagisme" and that of aesthetics, acquired by our specialists, allow you, with a wig, to keep your true face. Our professionals are there to advise you and help you through this difficult time.

Through a partnership with leading European manufacturer consulting Perruque quebec, you will find in all our models (130 models) a wig that matches your face and your personality. You can also choose your wig in a wide range of colors.

New collection of wigs

The evolution of the technology and a know-how growing allows us to present a new collection that meets the requirements of each of you, both in low prices than in the high-end models.

You'll find the temporary hair that you are looking for: modern and classic cuts, colors, gradients, or more discrete effect. It will be up to you to choice with the advice of your specialist.

Enjoy the comfort and softness of the bases, the lightness of hair (from 40 grams) and the exceptional quality of their maneuverability.

Why a wig?

  • To ensure that your hair loss will be your secret
  • A solution if your hair is very damaged
  • Simply to change your hairstyle!


You will be received, with or without an appointment and received in discreetly in a private cabin. An expert can also visit you in hospital or at home if you cannot move (in a 20 km radius around a center Norgil).

In a great choice of models natural hair wigs or fiber, you will be guided and helped to find a solution that fits your budget, and especially a wig that suits your personality. Similarly, our expert will advise you in regard of the demands with your health insurance or your insurance company.

And, dont have any particular apprehension, feel free to ask questions, to request additional information because the choosing of your wig will be important for yourself and your relatives.

You will find all the tips for maintenance and the styling of your wig. The style can be personalized, the base of the wig can be adapted to the shape of your head ...

Tips and test of the wig in private cabin

You can also choose temporary solutions (for night for example) in our range of turbans, scarves ... that exist in different materials (velvet, polyester, sponge, silk...) and many colors.

A selection of our scarves and accessories

Feel free to contact a specialist Norgil your area, he will make you discover the wigs models and accessories the complete collection. He is at your disposal from the early in the loss of your hair to realise, free, a cut if necessary.

If you wish to receive our free brochure of wig for man and woman, without obligation on your part, just let us know in the form "Pre-diagnosis."

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